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About Eitex

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Firstly and perhaps above all, Eitex is a Managed and top performing Tier-1 Microsoft Gold Partner! The privileged position give us valuable insights from Microsoft. This in turn allows us to implement on-premises, hybrid or cloud solutions with an eye on the future! Furthermore our unique IT Roadmap policy paves the way for your IT systems. We’re able to maximise returns on investment by future proofing your investment!

IT Solutions are seldom based on technology itself, instead we look closely at your business, and help you make informed decisions, and implement IT that works for you! Our solutions fade into the background to allow business owners, managers and Directors to focus on what you do best, run your business!

Our IT Support Helpdesk is based in Castleford West Yorkshire and we serve businesses based in Castleford, Pontefract, Wakefield, Leeds and surrounding areas.



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Why use Eitex?

A Tier-1 Gold Service

Eitex is a Tier-1 Managed Microsoft Gold Partner! This means we get inside tracks to Microsoft Support Engineers, Developers, and Technicians which in turn helps us provide a better service to you!

Any Business

Our smallest customer is just 2 users, our largest customer is 700 users across 21 countries around the globe! Small, Medium or Large Business, we’ve got you covered!

Affordable Pricing

Competitive pricing is offered to any business! Why not let us quote, you won’t be disspointed! Furthermore our unique Office 365 Business Academy helps you keep costs down!

The Future

We have a signed NDA with Microsoft to get unique insights and demonstrations to future technology. We aren’t always able to discuss them, but we can help future proof your systems!

Hire us, if you want to know how your IT systems will look 2 years into the future...

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