The Positive Impact of Outsourced IT Support in Education Technology plays a pivotal role in education, making it imperative to have uninterrupted access to IT support. This is crucial for minimising disruptions that may occur when technical

Eitex ICT and PE Pro: Transforming Education Through Technology and Physical Education Excellence In today's ever-changing education world, the blend of technology and teaching methods is reshaping the future of learning. We're thrilled to announce our partnership

Enhancing Learning with SMART Board Interactive Touchscreens in Multi-Academy Trust SMART Board Interactive Touchscreens have become a standard in modern classrooms and for a good reason. These smart boards offer an engaging, collaborative and immersive learning experience

Comprehensive IT Support Services for Schools in North Yorkshire-Based Multi-Academy Trust To provide quality education for children, the Multi Academy Trust has partnered with Eitex to provide IT support for schools. Eitex offers comprehensive IT support services