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Teams Voice

Make and Receive Phone Calls

Using Microsoft Teams

Many of us are now using Microsoft Teams each and every day to collaborate and communicate with co-workers. Adding Voice to this already productive package allows you to maximise efficiency by staying within the Teams environment and make and receive phone-calls.

Already on Teams Voice? Check out our Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Business Voice

Auto Attendant
Answer inbound calls with an IVR (intelligent voice recording). Route calls based on voice recognition, keypress, time-of-day or availability.
Call Recording
Record all phone calls for compliance (add-on feature)
Microsoft Teams-certified devices
Answer your calls on desk phones, headsets, and speaker-phones
Number Porting
Port your main office number and DDI (Direct Dial) numbers straight into Microsoft 365 Voice.
Call Queues
Create custom greetings, play music for customers waiting on hold, and set up shared voicemail.
Cloud Voicemail
Access transcribed voicemail via Teams or in your Outlook Inbox.
Speed Dial
Configure the Teams client with your important numbers to save time
Do not Disturb and Breakthrough
Block unwanted calls while allowing important callers to ring you

Design and Setup

Our engineers will design and build your new Teams phone system around your company requirements or replicate your existing system.

Inclusive Minutes

Each user receives 4,000 minutes of inclusive minutes per month which is pooled together for all users to share. Excludes premium-rate numbers.

Work from Home

Replacing your company phone system with Microsoft Teams Voice allows you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere!

Moving to Teams Voice


Asked Questions

Here are the questions which are most commonly asked by our customers. 

Can we use our existing telephone numbers?

Yes, your existing phone numbers can be moved/ported into Microsoft Teams. Number porting is part of the service with Eitex.

Can we use our existing desk phones?

Only phones certified for use with Microsoft Teams can be used with Teams Voice. Eitex is able to supply replacement desk phones or headsets. 

Skype-for-Business Certified Phones will work until 2023.

Can we use our mobile phones for Teams Calls?

Yes, iPhones and Android phones can be used to make and receive Teams calls, you simply need to install the free Teams App!

Can we dial numbers abroad/oversees?

Yes. This can be either done by purchasing an International Dial-Plan (for frequent international calling) or by using Pre-Paid Communication Credits. 

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Choose Your Best Plan

Microsoft 365 Business Voice (Domestic Calling Plan)

£ 9.00 / month
  • 1200 minutes per user per month (pooled)
  • *requires a Microsoft 365 Business Subscription
  • **Offer price (offer ends 30th April 2021)

Microsoft 365 Business Voice with Direct Routing

£ 10.00 / month
  • 2000 Domestic 01/02/03 minutes per user per month (pooled)
  • 2000 Mobile 07 minutes per per per month (pooled)
  • *Requires A Microsoft 365 Business Subscription
  • **Offer Price (Offer Ends 30th April 2021)
  • ***Based on 3-year agreement

Cloud Compliance Call-Recording License (Optional Add-On)

£ 12.95 / month
  • Record all phone conversations
  • *Requires Teams Voice

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