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Microsoft 365


As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we have high knowledge of everything Microsoft. Tens of millions of people worldwide use Microsoft 365, and millions are now using Teams daily. Now, more than ever, Windows is essential to keep a business moving, enabling their employees to work from anywhere.

If your business requires provision and support with licenses or a full migration to Microsoft 365 our experts are here to help.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can revolutionise your business. During the Coronavirus lockdown, it was said that companies moved forward 5-years in terms of technology by using Teams and cloud technologies!

Eitex can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business, and underlying technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, and Outlook, Calendar, Meetings.

Get a phone system designed for Office 365

Microsoft 365

Business Voice

Now you can use Microsoft Teams as your companies phone system. Replace your PBX, ISDN lines and telephone systems, and use Microsoft 365 Business Voice instead.
A fully integrated unified communications system can revolutionise business communication, particularly between you and your customers!
Cloud-based VoIP can be integrated into existing phone systems, or work independently. It can be used from any device whether computer, laptop, mobile phones and supported desk phones, conferencing equipment and solutions.

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